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Life is about connecting dots

Biking from Pascal's triangle to the digital age and have a beer

I like riding my bike.

I usually plan my trips accurately, and then I like just hitting the road with that plan in my head. In most of the cases I use several instruments for the navigation of course, but i trust my judgments the most, when it comes to a crossroad. So this means that that plan isn't carved in stones (or in bits and bytes).

I know exactly where i want to go but the decisions, how to get there, need to be made by myself: no one can take this responsibility off my shoulders - and this is all right that way.

Yes I made some mistakes, which made me more sweat and costed some extra miles, but it is a very good feeling to know, that most of my decisions were right..

And there is one more thing: in the most of the cases my decisions gave me a great reward: i have discovered new paths, new ways reaching my next way points.

I am sure you know the feeling when you think you are lost, and then - suddenly - you arrive to a place which you know well from before.

Instantly, you are back on a well known track and everything is just fine, and you just happily tell to yourself: "Wow, i know this place!"

In this moment, when the pressure is gone, you realize that having that so far unknown road chosen, you just discovered a shorter, better, nicer and more effective way getting from one point to the other.

So you've been rewarded by a brand new connection between two dots on your map, since you discovered a new way between two places. You've been rewarded with new connections in your brain between some neurons since you've learned again something.

Connecting dots took us from the stone age to the stars, from Pascal's triangle to the Digital age and even further.

And well... sometimes when you are lucky, you even meet some interesting new people on that road: new connections between tiny dots on this planet so that we all be more happy and can have a beer together at the end.

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